Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nothin' Much To Speak Of

Two weeks and I can't really say what I've been doing. It isn't a secret; I just don't remember. Does that say more about me, or more about my life? I have to really sit down with the calendar and try to retrace the days to figure out what happened. My main excuse is that I have been transfixed by the theatrical display of politics and economics back at the Mother Ship. Even from here in the back row of the balcony it is quite something to watch.
(It is certainly USA-centric in perspective, but being an American living in Europe does feel a bit like sitting in the back row of the balcony while all the real stuff happens on stage. You can see and hear the plot unfold, smell the perfume of the lady next to you, and feel the chewing gum under your seat, but the action seems way far off. At least until you look at your bank account.)
These are supposedly the leaders of the free world. Sigh. I think my sister said it was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I know that is a rather over-used metaphor, but it is an apt way to describe vacillating between boredom and horror.

So we need a diversion... The only photos I took during the last couple of weeks was the weekend of Journées du Patrimoine (sort of Architectural Heritage Days). And when the kids got pony rides.

That is, or rather was, one of the entrances to the Palais du Rois d'Aragon around the corner from us. I know, not very intersting unless you are a 14th century history freak. It wasn't even one of the buildings that you get to explore once a year during the Heritage Days. And actually the red doors themselves are probably not much more than a 100 years old. But the stone archway is the real deal. I promise.

At least I'm making an effort.

I would have used a photo of the girl since she is the one crazy about horses, and usually more photogenic, but she was pouting because her pony wasn't the biggest


Pardon My French said...

I'm with you in the memory department; must be parenting. Well, that or the large bottle of scotch we've both been carrying around. I've recently discovered it's a lot easier to type if you just put it down - hope that helps.

As for the transfixation on the whole bailout/election thing...well, I just don't know. "Vacillating between boredom and horror" made me laugh but the truth is that it stresses me to watch it on the news.

And to be truthful I find it hard to concentrate when Bush is on the news. I always get confused when I try to block out the dubbing but it still gets in the way, so inevitably I give up and just think about how much he looks like one of those beady-eyed monkeys you used to see at amusement parks and state fairs...the ones with the arms that velcro around your neck and have a squeaker in the mouth. Who do you reckon has their hands up Bush's rear making him talk? I reckon we both have some ideas...

Papadesdeux said...

Well, Mz Pardon My French, I don't know whether to thank you or curse you, but you have definitely left me with an image that I will hold in my head for some time. And that is all I dare say. But we can at least take solace in the knowledge that his days are numbered (below 100 and I start feeling almost cheery).

wcs said...

As I read this, someone on CNN (it's on in the other room) asked, as a teaser for and upcoming report, what impact will the financial crisis have on the world of golf.

Does that just make your brain hurt, or what? Please pass the scotch.

Fondly, Bubba.

Papadesdeux said...

Bubba, I'm sure you clean up really well, but you been spotted, "you can take the boy out'a the country, but..."

Shhhhhhhh... the scotch is hidden under the sink, way back in the back.

Jayne said...

I can't tell you the number of pictures in which I am pouting because of the size of my pony!

NewWrldYankee said...

I think we've all been wrapped in cold weather and even colder situation in the finanicial and political arenas. I've been writing about money all week because its on the mind of everyone it seems. We're allowed to be American centric - except me, who is now being forced to celebrate the fake thanksgiving (Canadian) b/c my roommate says that hers is the real one. We'll see about that next month. =) It's pie time!