Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home again home again Jiggety-Jig...

I thought that title might be at least a little original for a blog entry. Not according to Google. Silly me, I should remember that there is very little, new and original in the world. Just a lot of re-worked, re-interpreted, re-runs.

Here in Montpellier, home to me, I am re-cuperating from 9 days of the to-and-fro required by a work project in the southeastern heartland of the USA.

I am not exactly sure when the transition from thinking of the USA as home to thinking of France as home occurred. Maybe after the twins were born. But in any case, for the last couple of years, there is no question. I begrudge every minute I must spend there, and bask in the relief of my return.

Of course it doesn't help that the trip did not include seeing old friends or family, but it has become glaringly clear that I now feel more comfortable here than there. Even if you discount any curmudgeon factor resulting from jet lag and airline food.

Every time I fly I tell myself I'm not going to eat the food. Sigh. Next time, for sure, I am not going to eat the food. Next time, I'm going to take a sleeping pill, and if the plane has to make an emergency landing in Iceland, they can just carry me off the plane. (That happened to a friend of mine... really. Confirmed, I don't have any original thoughts.)

So it always takes me a couple of days to pull myself together after one of these trips. And since I can't clear the fog away enough to do something billable, then I should really stop by the blog and give a belated shout out.

( Insert gif image of stick figure jumping up and down, waving arms, with a text blurb "Hey Everybody" )

Note to self: Don't forget to creat the gif.

Note to everyone: DON'T FORGET TO VOTE.

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Betty C. said...

I spent all day Monday in "your home town," soaking up some sun and enjoying the shopping possibilities with my daughter. I'm glad we did it as since then, Aveyron has been plagued with snow, wind, rain, fog, storms and about every other unpleasant weather element one can imagine.