Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm still banging my head about Damien Hirst making obscene millions at the Sotheby sale of his latest art pieces.

A piece by Richard Woods at the site TimesOnLine (UK) provided a quote by one of Hirst's early professors.

Richard Wentworth, the sculptor who taught Hirst in the early 1990s at Goldsmith’s College, south London, said: “The art world’s a marketplace, the world is a dosh pit and we’re all in it. We’re coming to the end of a stage in western civilisation of vulgar, vulgar, vulgar. With this sale, Damien has just added one more thing, PS, vulgar!”

As for Hirst’s wealth, Wentworth said: “It’s sweet. It’s like a little boy stamping down the street, yelling, ‘I’m worth a billion dollars’.”

I had to go to to get a meaning for dosh. Sigh. Is it just age? I am sooo out of it.


Reb said...

Ben, come by for a visit. I have something for ya

Autolycus said...

No, it's a British-ism. Dosh, moola, ackers, bunce. And he's making a sort of pun on "mosh pit", another sort of venue for people lacking - in my view - in sense...

wcs said...

Oh, I thought he meant Martin Luther King Chavez Dosh, the music guy.

NOT! I had to look that up, too.

Papadesdeux said...

Reb, oh my, I'm feeling so close to you at this moment.

Alas, Autolycus, as Americans we are somewhat English handicapped, but dare I say, we are great in bed.

And Walt, I also found some mention of the music guy (I had never heard of him either.)

NewWrldYankee said...

Sigh Britishisms! Most of my friends here are Brits, and boy, did I have a time of figuring out what they say. I used urban dictionary, many a time. So much so, I made my own dictionary. I linked to it from my name. - I think it'll be up your alley.

Madame K said...

Dearest Ben,

two things:

1. Thank you for making me google the word "dosh". Turns out I'll be able to use it as soon as tomorrow in London.

2. Damn you to hell for not pointing out that you'd started blogging again. I would have stopped by ages ago!