Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh No, Not Politics

I have to stop reading about the US election on the Internet.

After pieces like op-eds in the New York Times I can't just quit at the end of the article. I am pulled irrepressibly into the comment section and then horrified by the sheer breadth of ignorance and stupidity in the American population. At least I hope it is ignorance and stupidity, because otherwise it translates into such a level of self-centered malfeasance... I don't even know how to describe it. And that is among people that read the NYTimes.

I have to get rid of my AOL account.

After following similar comment threads on pieces filtered through AOL you feel like slitting your wrists. No hope. We should have known better than to say something like “well, whatever happens, it can't be worse than the last 8 years.” I say “we”, I know I am not the only person who has said that.

I have been having this recurring nightmare where I see a man and some sort of horned and reptilian looking adviser discussing options. The one is asking the other what is it he will have to do to assure getting the extreme, religious right to the poles. And the other says “you know what you have to do.” And the one asks, “but exactly how do I get down and kiss the ass of several million people.” And the other points to a picture of a gun toting woman standing over a bloody carcass and says, “choose her to run for vice president.” And in my nightmare, she didn't even have her young daughter standing next to her. It gets worse and worse, but fortunately I always wake up before the whole disastrous future is revealed. Nevertheless, after waking, I'm then completely depressed for the rest of the day.

The only restorative therapy I have found is to read something here and there from people who have a reasonable, rational mind, with a better and more polite way of discussing the subject than I can muster myself. And I am happy to see a number of people who (for good reason) often steer clear of politics stand up and be counted.

I'll start listing a few I really liked, since I know that thousands of people wait on pins and needles to receive my recommendations and opinions...

WCS (I wish I too could sound like someone sincere,stable, and sensible without throwing in all the spurious hyperbole that I am prone to include.)
Dooce (her September 4 post – spurious hyperbole with panache - note: I did not read or contribute to the 2,443 and counting comments – I was way too afraid)
Gail Collins tries to calm us down in the OP-ED column of the NYTimes – well, you expect something sensible from a professional - (skip the comments and resulting depression)


wcs said...

Ben, thanks for the link! I'm honored to be on a list with the likes of Dooce and Gail Collins!

Reb said...

The Gail Collins editorials have calmed my nightmares too. But I still say we're smart to have left before the first bad 8 years stint.

Betty C. said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, papa! I used to read yours but the one-year disappearance made me figure you had dropped it all.

Here you have a kindred political soul, and one who is totally flipping out about the turn the election has taken.

I totally agree on your "we thought nothing could be worse than..."

Could there be a day when we look back on Bush-Cheney with slight nostalgia, the way I now look back on Reagan's presidency wondering what I was so worked up about?

I feel physically sick even thinking about it.

Read about my REAL nightmare here -- every word is true:

Betty C. said...

Now I just read the Gail Collins editorial. Hey, that's me she's talking about!

NewWrldYankee said...

Oh, I do feel better now reading the Gail Colling Op-ed piece. Thank you for giving me some calm! Did you see Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson? I don't know why, but it irritated me that she kept saying "Charlie" all the time - like she knows him or something! Reminded me of Tom Cruise on with Matt Lauer back in the day - "Matt, you're so glib!" It seems so condescending for some reason. Was that just me?

Betty C. said...

Go look at the polls on if you want to feel even more chipper (at least today...)

Anonymous said...