Monday, June 25, 2007

Urgent News Bulletin

Do not be fooled by common misconceptions. These subjects have
not simply chosen to "tune out" of the art gallery experience.
They are in abdominal crises resulting from acute vegetable overdose.


25 juin 01:15 heures

Today at lunch it was brought to my attention (I was in fact, forcefully informed through a complicated verbal discourse) that there is a direct, cause and effect link between eating too many vegitables and stomach aches.

Furthermore, apparently more than one or two teaspoonsful of the offending food element is more than sufficient to produce this undesired condition.

This phenomenon may reach critical mass as any subject approaches the age of three. However each individual is advised to make his or her own informed medical and nutritional decisions.

No further information is available at this time, however rumors are circulating of a massive and well financed mis-information campaign that suggests consuming as many as five or more individual varieties of the offending elements in each 24 hour nutritional period. Given the current medical alert, any such campagne is clearly directed towards destabilizing the core family unit with chronic abdominal discomfort.

Caution is advised.


Jayne said...

So your kids have got the splutters? That's unfortunate.

On a completely different subject but relating to fruit... I was in the market today and I picked up some of those weird squat peaches that you featured on your blog. No idea what they are but the sign read "Wilde" so I'm hoping they're good.

Also, I like the way both of the kids have one foot off the foot rest. Like a weird twin thing. Cute.

wcs said...

Oh, you can't fool us. You actually found the "off" switch that is so cleverly hidden near the small of the back. Good work.

Doc said...

two off at the same moment--and it appears the sun is out. IT'S POSSIBLE?

ohhh! I'm so jealous.

Pardon My French said...

That is a perfect postcard picture. It gives me hope that eventually my baby will sleep.

Doc said...

Hello? Anyone home?
This is silly. I know you're here. Put the pussy down and step away from the squeaky toys.

Doc said...

ya know, the crickets are getting rather boring right about now, and as winter is apporaching, they'll all be moving south, so please stop the silence man--it's painfully loud.