Monday, June 18, 2007

Lesson in Lazy

No excuses.
Just lazy.

Does anyone know the name of this oddly flattened peach? They were delicious. Light peach fuzz on a thin skin. Smell just like peaches. White flesh, delicately sweet, with a teeny tiney pit about 1/2 inch in diameter.

They were brought to me from one of the outdoor markets yesterday. Sort of like when your cat leaves a mouse on the threshold of the front door. Voila, just for you... see how much I care.

But I need to know what their name is. Where they come from. How much they cost. How long is the season? Are they likely to be there next week?

I mean really, some people just don't use their head.
"I am too appreciative! But I need to know this stuff!"

Anyway, I'm going to do like the plant people say, stick the pit in a plastic bag with some soil-like junk in it and let it uglify my refrigerator for a while. Then I can give it to one of my rich land-owner friends to grow into a tree and 30 or 40 years from now when I'm dead and gone, everybody can get together and have delicious peach deserts from my tree.

I hope I don't have to let it sit in my refrigerator until next year. My generosity has limits. Remind me to tell you how long my dilapidated 1959 Hillmann Husky sat in my sister's driveway. We don't be wantin' the word "trash" batted around in the same sentence with our family name.


Heather said...

Found them! They are called Stark Saturn or funnily enough, the "Donut Peach". Go here: and he'll tell you all about them!

They look delicious!

wcs said...

I always preferred nectarines over peaches because of the fuzz. Or lack of it.

But the peaches here in France can be so good that it doesn't matter to me any more. And the French fuzz doesn't seem as fuzzy as American fuzz.

Ok, maybe I should go get a second cup of coffee...

Papadesdeux said...

No actually WCS, I think you may have something there. I have to agree with you. My overall impression is that French peaches are not as Fuzzy.

tongue in cheek said...

Name: Flat peach
Description and info about the peach: Raised a peach but was squished by being too peachy to Mademoiselle Apricot.
Cost: Cheap
Season: Flirts are everywhere.

Donut Peach

ParisBreakfasts said...

In my fruit stand they are always donut peaches and they have best sweetest flavor too

Betty C. said...

I thought I would never see one of these up-close and personal, and then there they were at our local ├ępicerie right after I saw your post. They were marked "PECHES PLATES."

Grandmere Simpson said...

Definitely "donut peaches"....had some from the market in San Francisco! Grown organically, of course.

Cassoulet Cafe said...

I just discovered these at our local produce stand this summer and they were indeed called donut peaches.
By the way, I like your blog!