Tuesday, July 7, 2009

They're Coming...

Today the Tour de France once again opens its Montpellier leg beneath our window.
This is just one of the first of a continuous stream of events.

Vacation has arrived. And they are coming.
We are bracing ourselves.
One by one the barriers to peace and tranquility are crumbling.
First the weather becomes unbearably beautiful.
Then the educational system closes the last of the holding pens.
The work force chafes at the bit, and all pretense of productivity melts away.
Soon the final bell will toll, the last gates will fall,
And the flood will be upon us

In the parks, the girls try desperately to get the attention of boys.

The boys of course could care less... at least for the moment.

And the adults stand around in a daze.


wcs said...

Nice to see you're still out there. Have a good summer!

Madame K said...

I heart summer.

Sarah @ Baby Bilingual said...

Just wondering if you'll be updating your blog again...would love to hear about your "deux" and their bilingual adventures!