Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No FOX is good FOX

Speaking of the news... I will, but, while surfing around earlier I suddenly realized one of my favorite things about France.


Isn't that cool? I realize, you only have to change the channel. But just knowing it was there used to annoy me to no end. I mean, it is bad enough reading comments from morons following articles in semi-respected news sources like the New York Times. Now if only some cool hacker dude would figure out a way to erase any mention or iteration of that news channel from the internet...

The news here, if I haven't already scooped you, is we have traversed the Chicken Pox. Not me, them, fortunately, since adults and Chicken Pox are not a pretty mixture. Not that red, itchy bumps are pretty on anyone. But apparently I must have had them at a wee age, and forgot. (Sigh, not hard at this age.)

So for your viewing pleasure, a few photos at the almost fully recovered stage, with faces still looking a little like early-onset puberty. Fortunately we don't have to stock up on acne medicines yet.

caught in the headlights

ah ha ha just joking around

silly faces are so much fun

"Did we make you laugh?''

''This is for you F*O*X News''

(I swear I did not teach them how to moon.)

Until next time...

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Lisette said...

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