Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm fatter today than I was yesterday.

For all its problems, Belgium does at least one thing quite well. Chocolate. And thanks or no thanks, depending on your point of view, to our in-house banker with happy clients (no, that isn't a misnomer) we were treated or tempted with a box last evening.

Fortunately not a large box, but substantial in caloric value nevertheless.

Who could resist that packaging. I'm a sucker for packaging. I guess it is my design education haunting me, but beautifully presented chocolate is like beautifully presented food. It can fool you into thinking it tastes better. We swear otherwise, but it can.

People packaging does the same thing. In lots of different ways. We don't swear otherwise, but we often forget.

I learned from my Mother. Never go out of the house in curlers. And I have kept that promise to this day. It was the least I could do... considering.

But fabulous chocolate packaging. That could be looked upon as a low blow. For those of us with inherent weakened conditions in front of dark chocolaty masses, it couldn't be any less than such.

To set it apart from the crowd, this one even added a literary touch...

Je craque
un peu, beaucoup,
á la folie.
Je craque
pour lui, pour elle,
pour toi, pour moi.
Je craque
le matin, le midi,
le soir,

I find that an extremely low blow in a high brow sort of way. But I'm making a note. This lesson could come in handy,

although a little expensive,

calorically speaking.


Mrs C said...

And soon, everyone will be cracking out of their pants.

I craque me up.


(P.S. Good thing I don't live in Belgium, there are too many good things to eat. And Beer!)

wcs said...

This is the box you've owned up to. Where have you hidden the others?

My word verification: whdrobal. Which, if said out loud, sounds curiously like saying "withdrawal" with a mouth full of chocolates.

Betty C. said...

Do you work in France? I've found that at work, there are chocolates "around" for about 6 weeks at holiday time. I'm not even that crazy about them, but they do seem to go down well at 10am or 4pm...

Papadesdeux said...

Mrs. C - I am already depressed about the pants. You just had to remind me. Christophe M. will never look at me now.

WCS - I am not telling. But I will admit that I live with withdrawal of one sort or another everyday of my life. Good thing you can't see my eyes.

Betty - That is the 64K question which I am, as usual, leaving up to the accountants or tax collectors to figure out. I have a hard enough time figuring out where I am at any given moment. Who gets credit for whatever work I manage to put out is way over my head.

Mrs C said...

Bwa ha ha.

Pardon My French said...

Ooooohhhh, we got one of these for Christmas and it was divine. Inspired by your post, I even took time to enjoy the poem before I ripped into the box.