Monday, December 1, 2008

A Book Plug

I don't plug books often. But there is a book out by Susan Pinkard, A REVOLUTION IN TASTE, and if you like food, and history, and France, and if you can do without riveting plots filled with sex and violence, then this is probably a good bet for you.

OK, it isn't King or Grisham, but it rings all my bells. Well, most of them anyway.

If that didn't nix it for you, it covers the big change in French cooking starting in the middle of the 17th Century. (The British weren't too keen on the ideas coming out of France then, but how many British classics have you drooled over? The sauce starts here.


vicki archer said...

Thanks for the suggestion - i shall happily search that book out. xv

Tina said...

Looks great. I just surfed in I forgot the original site as I've been clicking away. :-)