Thursday, July 17, 2008

Testing 1 - 2 - 3, Testing

After an eight day stint of full time child-care, i.e. no mom except by telephone, I'm still recuperating. Oh, it was fine, but it did put me a little behind schedule.

I mentioned that there was much excitement that the boy was paddling solo. (With the aid of inflatable arm bands, but no human assistance.) So I thought I would post the proof.

Et voila... he sings to boot!

Next time I will change the subject, lest we approach the "cute fatigue" zone.


Doc said...

Ha! Monkey is riding his bike sans training wheels, Monkey 2 is (finally) potty trained, and Monkey 3? Ready to sell her. Cute? Only enough so that we don't strangle them.

wcs said...

Hey, welcome back! No questions will be asked.