Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Soooo Out

As a family, we are a little less discreet these days. Along with Mylène Farmer, her gay public, Cindi Lauper, her gay public, Christophe Ciccone, his méchante soeur (Madonna), their gay public, at least one scantily clad guy*, and numerous other examples of what is fashionable and hip, our little family is having it's five seconds of fame.

The most striking aspect is just how normal and fuddy-duddy we look sandwiched among all the glitter. (And yes, how old, some of us look.)

Even coming of age in the turbulent and psychedelic place that was San Francisco in the 70's, never in my wildest youthful fantasies did I ever picture myself spread out in such a fashion on the pages of a magazine.

The world moves on, people change, and irrespective of any méchant ravings by those* who would still like to deny us our place, we exist. We be gay, we be proud, and we be family.

*I carefully perused each and every page (strictly for statistical reasons!), and I can say there is not a single image displaying full frontal nudity, male or female, in this issue of the magazine. If I missed something, and you found it, then I need to change my glasses, and you need to get a life. So the prudish corner of my being, however small, is quite safe, and even the strictest American censors would have nothing to hold onto. Not that the French give a rat's a' about American censors. :))
*Admittedly and fortunately there are not many of "those" types around our little corner of the world, this area being a hot-bed of left-leaning politics. And we have to thank a very large and very supportive family, from grandparents, to sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, and cousins galore.


Antipodeesse said...

How very exciting! Which magazine is it? I'd like to buy a copy and tell everybody I "know" you!

NewWrldYankee said...

Congrats on your new found fame~ I just found you too, and like what you have to say. Hello from a fellow expat, only in Hungary, where nudity is abound!

wcs said...

Looks like fun! Was it?

Doc said...

MEMEME! I want to buy a copy too!

Here's to change, in a good way!

Ms Mac said...

I confess, I came to confront you about your wild accusation of me "rubbing elbows" with "a certain sort of people" at Antipo's blog. I had no idea to whom you were referring.

Now I do. I think. Of course you could be referring to our uncouth Australians cousins who I am certainly guilty of associating with. I'm not proud of that though.

Curses! I have not a single word of French, otherwise I would love to read about your happy family. Although, the lack of full frontal nudity, male or female, renders the purchase of any magazine a little less attractive.

Pardon My French said...

Congratulations! Although it is a big naughty of you not to tell us which magazine it is, leaving us to flip through the shelves at the local tabac while getting yelled at because the flipping stroller is blocking the aisle. Some people are just in a hurry to buy cigarettes and lotto tickets, apparently. At least you were kind enough to let us know not to bother with the frontal nudity magazines; that saves some time but as Ms Mac says makes it less fun.

Jayne said...

How zexy! Congrats on the spread.
There is nuthin glam about having children unless of course you are Angelina Jolie or they get you a classy expose in a French magazine.

You all look lovely!

Papadesdeux said...

I suppose I should have given the name of the magazine "Têtu" (simply to give the photographer credit) but I couldn't imagine anyone seriously wanting to pick up a copy. It is after all geared to a fairly specific gay market. Although I have since learned that some of our friends have been tickled "pink" to have an excuse to pick up a copy of "forbidden fruit".