Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Year Older

Of course when you come back from a one year hiatus, everyone and everything is naturally one year older. The kids, the cat, the car, the list of things to be done, all, one year older.

The list of things to be done can be discouraging as it never diminishes. But it does evolve even if much too slowly for most everyone concerned. The car is dangling over the precipice of a combination of age and a dwindling tolerance of using it as our primary source of transportation. (I think we may soon be more carbon responsible and subscribe to Modulauto which I hope will have enough subscribers to stay in business.) The cat went from just over zero to just over one, so as shown on yesterday's post, he is a dramatic visual aid to the passing of time. The kids make a close second, and I don't think many of our friends back in the good ol' US of A are interested in the progressive photos of an aging Renault Scenic, so I'll stick with the monsters.

From Summer last

To Fall

To Winter

To Spring

And Summer again.

I still haven't figured out whether they are keeping me younger or making me feel really, really old. The best answer would be c) both.

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