Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Parental Learning Experience - No Pictures Please

Guess what:
Little bitty kids don't really know how to say they are feeling nauseous.
Not pretty.
Intense feelings of guilt for insisting that they try just one bite of food.
Adult gets to experience, first hand, the same virus.

Hindsight Hint:
When a 2+ year old sits at the dinner table in a pleasantly warm house, says he's cold and refuses to eat. He just might be sick... very soon.

Acceptance Exercise:
They get sick, you get sick. Get over it. Besides, you are lucky when only one at a time is sick. When they are both sick at the same time it is exponentially worse.


Jayne said...

OK... have you been spying on my family? Because this EXACT scenario happened 2 weeks ago. I was almost overcome by my guilt as I was mopping up the sick. You nailed this one!

Pardon My French said...

So noted! Oh, the fun yet to come...